Enrollment Management Advisory Council

The Enrollment Management Advisory Council (EMAC) serves an important consultative role for the Division of Enrollment Management and IUPUI in achieving the mission and vision of the Division. 

Chaired by the Interim Chief Enrollment Officer, the Council serves as a key sounding board for the Division in its planning, implementation, and assessment efforts.  The Council and its members provide recommendations and guidance on the full range of enrollment management activities from a variety of critical perspectives. 

Finally, the Council serves as an additional point of connection and conversation  between the Division and the IUPUI campus, helping the Division to best understand and address the needs  and priorities of the campus and the campus to understand and take advantage of the leadership and services provided by the Division in successfully fulfilling IUPUI’s enrollment management efforts.

EMAC membership

Sara Kurtz Allaei

Assistant Vice President for International Services (IU); Executive Director, Office of Interenational Affairs (IUPUI)

Corey Back

Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance

Rafael Bahamonde

Founding Dean, School of Health & Human Sciences

Bobby Bell

Associate Director, Office for Enrollment Strategy & Insights

Janice Blum

Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education at IUPUI; Associate Dean of the University Graduate School, IU

Camy Broeker

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Terry Brown

Interim Director, Office for Enrollment Strategy & Insights

David Chappell

Director of Enrollment Management, IUFW

John DiTusa

Dean, School of Science

Tami Eitle

Dean, School of Liberal Arts

Rebecca Ellis

Associate Dean for Academi Affairs, School of Nursing

Steve Graunke

Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Michele Hansen

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Institutional Research and Decision Support

Monica Henry

Associate Director, IUPUI Graduate Office

Reinhold Hill

Vice Chancellor and Dean, IUPUC

Stephen Hundley

Interim Chief Enrollment Officer, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement

Tambra Jackson

Interim Dean, School of Education

Kathy Johnson

Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer

Hilary Kahn

Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs, IUPUI; Associate Vice President for International Affairs, IU

Caleb Keith

Director of Institutional Improvement

Kim Lewis


Scott McIntyre

Director of Enrollment Management, IUPUC

Ann Obergfell

Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Operations, IUFW

Mathew Palakal

Senior Executive Associate Dean, School of Informatics and Computing

Linda Ramey-Greiwe

Brand Marketing Leader

David Russomanno

Dean, School of Engineering and Technology

Khalilah Shabaz

Director, Multicultural Center

Kristy Sheeler

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education; Interim Dean, University College; Interim Acting Dean, Honors College

John Watson

Associate Professor, Biology Department

Eric Weldy

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Errol Wint

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Upcoming meeting dates

There are no events at this time.

EMAC meeting minutes

To request minutes of past committee meetings, please contact April Briggs at apeigh@iupui.edu.